General Terms and Conditions of Lease IL Sodino 1738 - locazione turistica.

The General Rental Conditions are an integral part of the Rental Agreement concluded between the Guest and the Lessor on the basis of the approved booking.

  Check-in 16:00-20:00

Check-out 10:00

IL Sodino 1738, is a private property whose owners provide independent apartments for guests. We care about ecology and respect for nature.

Purpose of the premises

The guest rents an apartment only for the purposes of short-term rental for days on the terms contained in the reservation, also known as tourist or holiday rental. It is not a rental for residential purposes. No economic activity may be conducted in the premises.



The guest is responsible for people staying in the premises in terms of compliance with all the General Terms and Conditions of Lease. They cannot stay in the premises, i.e. they cannot stay for more than the number of people paid in the booking.



The building is governed by the rules governing compliance with noise emission standards. Commonly used curfew hours: from 10pm to 6am. The guest will observe the rules of curfew and maintain proper relations with neighbors (e.g. he informed in advance about planned social meetings and obtained their consent to breaking the rules of curfew).



The guest undertakes to keep the premises clean, but also to follow the rules of order. The rules of maintaining order also apply to parking spaces for vehicles and throughout the property. Waste will be thrown only into the rubbish bin located in the parking lot, taking into account the segregation of rubbish. The guest is obliged to select waste.

No smoking

The premises are completely non-smoking. Smoking is allowed only outside the building, provided that the principles of good coexistence and the removal of cigarette butts are observed.



An animal may stay in the premises only if the Lessor gives the consent of the Lessor for a specific animal in writing, e.g. in a sent e-mail or text message, and payment for it in advance.

The owner, the guardian of the animal, is obliged to take his pet outside the IL Sodino area so that the animal takes care of its physiological needs there. If the animal contaminates any space of the property, the Guest (owner / guardian) is obliged to clean up any waste from his pet and cover the losses and costs. It is absolutely unacceptable to use or attend to the physiological needs of the pool. In this case, the Guest will be charged for the costs of replacing the water in the pool, the necessary disinfection and any other costs that will result. The guest undertakes to observe the rules of social coexistence and to exercise control over the owl.


Maintenance of the premises

The guest undertakes to inform the Lessor about all defects, damages and problems arising in the premises. In an emergency, first notify the emergency services (fire brigade, police, gas ambulance, energy, ambulance), and then the Lessor. The costs of repairs resulting from wear, neglect or improper use of the premises and equipment are charged to the Guest, and the costs resulting from the defect prior to moving in (CHECK-IN) of the Guest will remain with the Lessor.

The guest is obliged to monitor the efficiency of devices affecting safety, i.e. electrical and sanitary equipment, on an ongoing basis. A leaking tap or a water-permeable toilet may cause flooding and additional damage, and will also increase water consumption, increasing the bills at the same time, which the Landlord may charge the Guest with.


Security in the premises

The guest is responsible for his and his guests' safety while in the premises. The landlord is not responsible for any risky behavior of people staying in the premises.

In particular, it is forbidden to store materials that are hazardous to health: toxic, explosive and other illegal substances in the premises.


Additional services

In the event that the Guest selects one of the additional services or meets the conditions for its occurrence, e.g. when entering outside standard CHECK-IN hours or leaving outside standard hours, CHECK-OUT will pay the relevant fees in accordance with the price list published on the website or provided orally or by other means such as e.g. by e-mail, telephone, SMS, message system in the booking system.


At IL Sodino, we care about ecology. That is why we promote the principle - zero waste - of water, waste, energy. We turn off the lighting, TV, electric cooker, air conditioning or heating before leaving the apartment.

We segregate waste. We use and encourage you to use biodegradable products.


Termination of the lease

After the end of the lease, the Guest undertakes to bring the premises to the condition recorded upon arrival or in the handover protocol, if such has been drawn up. On the day of receipt of the premises, the apartment should be emptied of the Guest's belongings and clean. The costs of repairing damages left in the premises and the costs of cleaning the premises, above standard, will be borne by the Guest.

The Lessor shall not be liable for items left by the Guest after the end of the stay or in the event of leaving the premises without notifying the Lessor before the end of the stay. They will be considered abandoned by the Guest as intended to be thrown away.


A deposit of EUR 100 for each apartment is collected in cash at the time of check-in. The deposit is refundable at the time of check-out, if no events have occurred that require repairing the damage.


The Guest is responsible to the Owner (Lessor) for any damage caused on general terms.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is open from April to October

Guests are welcome to use the swimming pool from 10:00 to 20:00


Free, unattended.


Date of Publication, valid from 2022-03-21